Run The Farm 2024 Spring Report

Race Results:

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Runners headed outbound near the gazebo on the 5 mile race course.
Kids 6 & Under get started at Spring Run the Farm 2024

We had a perfect weather day for the inaugural Spring Run the Farm. Thank you all for coming out and making it a special day.

We hope to return next spring – and we already have registration open for Fall Run the Farm October 27th!

354 runners crossed the finish line between the three races. The two combined kids races had 138 finishers for the day.

5 Miler Results link

Eamonn Sullivan (bib #2) and Tommy Ross (bib #321) neck and neck at the 4.5 mile mark headed back into the farmyard.

Eamonn Sullivan was the men’s overall winner with a time of 31:16. Eamonn has won the Fall Run the Farm four times and this was his first Spring Run the Farm win.

Tommy Ross was a close second overall in the men’s race at 31:27. Asa Friedrich was third with a time of 33:44.

Lindsey Felling won the women’s overall race with a time of 37:34. Lindsey has won the Fall Run the Farm race 4 times. This is her first Spring Run the Farm win.

Lindsey Felling powers her way up the final uphill in the meadow next to the gazebo with 4.5 miles down and 0.5 to go.

Taylor Febus was second in the women’s race with a time of 39:58. Rachel Clattenburg was third overall with a time of 41:28.

Kids Run the Farm – Race #1 (Age 7-12, 2k distance)

William Wolfson won the Kids 7-12 year old race, just edging out Reid Bachkosky.

William Wolfson of Yorktown Heights, NY won the overall boys 2k race with a time of 7:34.

Emily Cullen won the girls 7-12 year old race.

Emily Cullen of Ossining, NY won the girls 2k race with a time of 7:40.

Kids Run the Farm – Race #2 (Age 6 & under, 1k distance)

Bisby Felling won the 6 & under race for the second time in a row with a new girls course record time of 4:59.
Saul Baruchel (5:13 finish) edges out Will Ostrander by microseconds at the finish line of the kids 6 & under race.

Course Records

This year THREE course records fell. Jagger O’Connor set a new 4 year old girls record, completing the 1k race in 5:44. Grayson DeLuca set a new 4 year old boys record, finishing in 5:51. Six year old Bisby Felling finished the race at 4:59, which set a new girls 6 & under all-time course record. Bisby’s mom Lindsey won the 5 mile race so she has a good running role model!

Every runner on the 5 mile race course set a new course record for themselves since this was the first time we ran the course in the opposite direction as the Fall Run the Farm!

Eamonn Sullivan’s inaugural race performance set the pace for the men, finishing at 31:16.

Lindsey Felling set the women’s standard with her 37:34 finish in this inaugural race.

Muscoot Farm

We want to thank our gracious hosts at Muscoot Farm, especially Jonathon, Justin, Joan, Molly, Sara, Gabrielle, Mindy and everyone who helped out at the farm to get it ready for this first spring event.

There is no other place like Muscoot Farm. It is one of the beauties of the Westchester County Parks system. Muscoot is unique in its purpose and mission in New York State and possibly the country. The authentic 1890s-era historical working farm has enriched the lives and education of generations of kids. Many local parents (myself included) fondly remember going to Muscoot Farm when growing up in the area — and it is fantastic to be able to take our kids to the farm as well.


Volunteers help power this event. Thank you to everyone for your help before, during, and after the race!

Thank you to all of the race volunteers who come out and help with the pre-run (aka Cobweb Crew), registration, setup, timing, handing out farm bucks and medals, distributing bagels, patching up injuries, making sure runners turn onto the correct trail, setting the course, sweeping the course, and cleaning up so other park visitors enjoy the same experience we all had.

“The herd” hands out prizes at the awards ceremony.

Special thanks to Tony & Judy Godino who came out to help and ensure the race event went off without a hitch. Tony started this event in 2010 and has stepped back from organizing — but he and Judy still play a critical role in ensuring runners are on the right course. Tony made sure the course markings and “resets” were made correctly between each race so that no runner would find themselves off course.

The Cobweb Crew heads out at 7am to run the full 5 mile course before the event to make sure all of the course markings are still up.


We also had a team of volunteer photographers (Carol, Sawyer, Carrie, Rob, Tom, Kathryn) out there who took photos of you all (and your kids) on Sunday morning! Check all of their photos here.

If you have photos you’d like to share – and many of you already have (thank you!!), you can upload them using this link. Check out our runner-uploaded photos here.

The Farm, The Music, The People

Our Musical Guest – Jonathan Henken played bagpipes for runners headed out past the beehives.

2024 Spring Shirt Design

Spring Run the Farm is part of the 2024 Trail Mix Series. Three of the races have happened, and there are four more races – all in the fall.

First up in the fall is Where the Pavement Ends (Sept 8th), a 4.25 mile single or 8.5 mile double loop through the challenging trails at Lake Windwing in Ridgefield CT.

After that next up is Paine to Pain trail half marathon (Sept 29th) starting in New Rochelle NY and winding through six towns and multiple trail systems in lower Westchester.

Fall Run the Farm is the penultimate Trail Mix Race (Oct 27th) back at Muscoot Farm in Katonah/Somers NY. In the fall the course goes counterclockwise (the opposite direction as the Spring race).

Raven Rocks Run on November 10th is the final race in the Trail Mix Series. It is at Ward Pound Ridge Reservation in Cross River NY.

Sign up now for these challenging trail races in the 2024 Trail Mix Series!

All Trail Mix runners who complete the Trail Mix Series will be selected automatically if they enter the Leatherman’s Loop Lottery in January.

Farmer’s Market

The Muscoot Farmer’s Market got into full swing an hour earlier than normal to accommodate our runners who were flush with running and farm bucks.

When we redeemed the farm bucks for real $ at the end of the day, the Run The Farm “Farm Bucks Top 5 Vendor” Champs of 2023 were 1.) Bear Mountain Coffee Roasters, 2.) Meredith’s Bread, 3.) Bella’s Bake Shop, 4.) Pickle Licious, and 5.) Zen Succulents.

The Farmer’s Market vendors always love having the runners there — and loved the energy on Sunday!

The Muscoot Farmer’s Market has just kicked off this May and it runs through end of November.

Final Thoughts

We have many many volunteers who make this race a reality. Without them the race simply doesn’t happen. We invite you to check the volunteers page (we update each year as new photos come in for this race). If you know any of them say thanks ;)

Special thanks to the Westchester County Police for keeping runners and families safe when crossing the busy Route 100. Thanks to the herd – making sure everyone got farm bucks at the end of the race and the kids runners all got their finisher medals. Thank you to the awards cow-tographers Sawyer and Kathryn!

An extra special thank you goes out to Brendan Porteus, Somers VFD Lieutenant and the Somers VFD EMS crew for coming out and supporting the race and runners. The Somers EMS crew has been coming out since Run The Farm began in 2010. They are always helping and assisting all comers. We a few twisted ankles and other scrapes. We hope everyone is feeling better now!

Lastly we want to thank the runners and families who came out to participate in this tradition. We are blessed to be able to celebrate such a great event with all of you.


PS: Please let us know your stories from your day. We appreciate your feedback and consider it a gift from the runners and families to help us improve the experience for everyone.