Kids Run The Farm Logistics 2019

Run The Farm News, Volume 10, Issue 1: Kids Run The Farm Logistics 2019

Dear Parents of kids who are registered for KIDS RUN THE FARM on October 20, 2019:

This note contains important information specific to the Kids Run The Farm race at Muscoot Farm. Please feel free to get back to us with any questions or concerns that you have. Please take the time to read through the following information.

The course is well marked with course marshals at every intersection. Runners never cross an active roadway during the race.

  • It is critical that you arrive at Muscoot Farm early enough to park and pick up your child’s number — pin it to THE FRONT of their shirt — and get to the start area before 8:30. Arriving 30 minutes beforehand is an excellent goal. Arrive even earlier than that if you want to be able to check in with the farm animals before the kids line up to run!
  • We have split the field for the kids race into two age groups. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR CHILD IS LINED UP WITH THE CORRECT GROUP. Our chip timing will not report the time for kids if they run in the wrong age race — or if they run in the 5 mile race when registered for the kids race.
  • To avoid any confusion, we will clearly announce the groups and ages prior to each race start to avoid problems.

1.) 7-12 Year Olds are in the First Kids Race starting at 8:30am. This is a 1.1 mile course (2 kilometers).

Parents DO NOT usually run with the older kids. If parents want to run near them, please line up at the BACK of the pack — meaning behind every kid runner. Do not pass any kids in the farm yard! You may catch up with them during the race — but you may likely be left in the dust by your children!

2.) Ages 6 and younger are in the Second Kids Race starting at 8:45am. This is a 0.6 mile course (1 kilometer).

The younger kids race will NOT start until all of the older kids in the first race have finished.

IMPORTANT: For the second kids race (i.e. the younger kids), we line up the kids who are running SOLO at the head of the pack. This lets the SOLO runners have some running room and minimizes parent-child collisions at the start of the race.

For all kids in this race we ENCOURAGE a parent to accompany their child. (For parents running with their kids in the kids race, registration is not required.)

  • Pin your child’s bib in FRONT. This is so if the timing chip is not read by the finish line mats and sensors, we can use the backup photo/video finish line camera to determine your child’s finish time.
  • Both kids races will START at the same place. The FINISH LINE is near the start area for all races — and is also the same for both kids races.
  • AWARDS — Every kids race finisher will receive a custom award medallion in the race chute at the finish as well as a $2 FARM BUCKS certificate good for purchases at the Muscoot Farmer’s Market on the day of the race.
  • Special awards will go to the top overall boy and girl finisher in each of the two race groups. In addition, the first boy and girl within each age will also get a special award.
  • We plan to present awards at the conclusion of the kids races as quickly as possible after official scoring is available and prior to the 5 mile races at 9:30am.
  • All PARKING for the race will be in the large field across the road from the farm. Police officers will be directing the road traffic and seeing to pedestrian safety. Volunteers will be in the field directing car parking. Please follow their directions. DO NOT PULL INTO THE FARM YARD FOR ANY REASON. ONLY THE FARMER’S MARKET VENDORS ARE ALLOWED IN THE FARM YARD ON RACE DAY.
  • NO STROLLERS ON THE COURSE. It is a narrow trail at spots and the beginning of the race is far too crowded to have strollers thrown in the mix.
  • Dogs are not allowed at Muscoot Farm. It is a working farm with live animals — all herbivores — that can be stressed by unfamiliar carnivores walking around. Trained and certified service dogs are allowed.
  • Lastly, please don’t let your children feed or pet the farm animals. Human food is bad for them and the animals can be unpredictable.
  • We will have water available — but we always encourage all runners to bring water as well.

With your help we can make this a very memorable day for all of the young runners involved.

If you would like to register a runner, click this link:


Thanks & see you at Muscoot!

….Tony, Judy, and Rob

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