Add your pictures from today

if YOU have photos you’d like to share, we have prepared this link: for you to drag your photos onto and achieve Run The Farm photographer immortality!

Your uploaded photos will be in the Runner Uploads album of the Run The Farm 2016 Photo Collection. If you took a lot of photos and want your own 2016 album, email us at and we’ll set one up for you and send you your own link.

It was a fantastic day — Thanks everyone for making it special.

We should have results up later Sunday night.

Irunning-eggplant-color-140f you are reading this at about noon, we are still at Muscoot cleaning up and exchanging farm bucks for cash with the market vendors. If you are reading this later on Sunday, we are working on results, sorting through photos, and preparing some farmer’s market sourced dinner. If you are reading this late Sunday night, we are asleep! ;) More to come Monday…

All of the photos we upload as we get them and filter through them. Check our 2016 Run The Farm photo website here. (you may see it with only a few photos – but rest assured there are thousands – we’re working on going through and uploading them all!)

We and the other runners appreciate you sharing your photos. It makes our record of the day more complete and we thank you for it.