2014 Photos

Many of the 2014 Photographers: Sawyer Cummings, John Cummings, Mark Gordon, Faith and Lee Willett, Rob Cummings, Sawyer Cummings, and Ciorsdan Conran, Ryan Hulme, Brian and Tom Casper, and Carol Gordon.

Many of the 2014 Photographers — left to right: Sawyer Cummings, John Cummings, Mark Gordon, Faith and Lee Willett, Rob Cummings, Sawyer Cummings, and Ciorsdan Conran, Ryan Hurst, Brian and Tom Casper, and Carol Gordon.

Once again our beautiful, athleticsmart, and talented all-volunteer team of photographers (we are so lucky!!) were out there finding the best angles to capture you all in action — and while at rest.

From our newest and youngest photographer, Sawyer Cummings all the way up to his grandfather John Cummings to our newest additions 8th grader Faith Willett and 10th grader Ryan Hurst (and many in between) we’re pretty sure they covered everyone who set foot on the farm this past Sunday morning. Check the 2014 albums online to see if you made their file.

If you have photos you would like to share, we have created a Runner Uploads gallery. You can add one, two, or hundreds of photos (race related please! ;) by clicking this link and dragging and dropping your photos. Thanks in advance for your contribution.

Some Details:

Ryan Hurst took pre-race photos, photos of the 7-12 year olds running, photos of the 6 & under runners, some photos in between the kids and the 5 mile race, photos of the 5 mile race, and the post-race and awards in the farmyard.

Carol Gordon took pre-race photos in the farmyard, at the Kids Races (7-12 year olds as well as 6 & under race), photos of runners outbound near the start of the 5 miler and inbound near the end of the 5 miler, and some shots post-Loop including some at the awards ceremony.

Faith Willett is an 8th grader at JJMS and took lots of photos on race day. First she was in the farmyard for the 7-12 year olds and the 6 & under racers. Then she took photos during the break between races. Then she moved back into position for the start of the 5 miler and also took photos of the 5 mile race homestretch.

Mark Gordon arrived and we put him right to work taking photos of runners outbound past the gazebo. Then he moved to a spot on the trail right near the 4 mile mark and took a lot more photos.

Sawyer Cummings ran in the kids 7-12 year old race and then took on his photo assignment at the start of the 5 mile race then moved over to the finish chute, capturing runners after they passed the finish line. He even took a bunch more photos at the post race awards.

Dan Thaler came with a group from My Sister’s Place and graciously uploaded his photos from the day. Thanks Dan!

Tom Casper started at the 7-12 year old race, then got photos at the start and finish of the 6 & under race. In between kids and 5 mile races he took some ‘intermission’ photos around the farmyard and of the JJHS Treble Makers setting up at the gazebo. He got some great shots of runners coming up the gazebo hill on their way out onto the course plus even more great photos of runners returning past the same point on their way back in to the finish. To cap it all off he took photos of the awards ceremony and post-race.

Ciorsdan Conran was inside the barn with registration but came out with a borrowed camera (thanks Keith!) she had never used before and took great photos of the 6 & under kids races, the 5 mile race start and finish, and some during the intermission between the two races.

John Cummings took many photos at the start and finish for the kids races along with some shots at the start line of the 5 miler.

Rob Cummings set up a Finish Line Go Pro as well as a Farmyard Go Pro (working on getting those posted) to capture runners starting and finishing. He also took some photos at the finish of the 7-12 year old race as well as some pre-race setup photos in the days before the event.

In addition to the photographers above, we have had some excellent and much appreciated submissions from our runners and their friends. Looks like Chris Jaworski, Kate Paletta, Diane Bradsell, and a few other runners have sent some in already. Thanks for your submissions!

If you have photos you’d like to share – whether it’s one or 100 – upload them at this link.