Vendors at Muscoot Farm Eagerly Await Upcoming Race

The Muscoot Farm vendors are looking forward to Run The Farm in two weeks! Most are returning from prior years and are getting ready for the early morning start. The few new vendors have heard from the others about the big day.

For those new to Run The Farm, one of the reasons we put on the race is to increase awareness of the Muscoot Farmer’s Market and other local farmer’s markets. To help get all of the runners to take a stroll through the market after the race, we hand out $2 and $5 “Farm Bucks” at the finish line of the kids race and 5 mile race, respectively.  Runners can use these like real cash on the day of the race. At the end of the day, race organizers visit each vendor and exchange the farm bucks for real US currency. The farmers like it since they get a huge surge in foot traffic after each race. The runners like it since they get to try some of the great offerings of the market vendors — and possibly come back for more!

To give you all a preview, we visited the market today and took photos of many of the vendors there. Check them out below the photo using the “Continue Reading..” link.


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