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Run The Farm (and The Leatherman’s Loop) would not be possible without the help of our volunteers.  We’d like to recognize them below. If you’d like to volunteer at Run The Farm, please contact us and let us know. If you have any special skills such as photography, food prep, graphic design, heavy lifting, helicopter piloting, or yodeling, let us know that as well.

Tony Godino – Race Director, Chief Imagination Officer
Judy Godino – Registrar
Rob Cummings - Co-Race Director, Chief Information Officer
Liz Cope – Bib Operations and Course Consultant
Dave Cope – Timing Auditor and Course Consultant
Ciorsdan Conran – Race Day Sweep, Registration
Danny Martin – Spiritual Director and Ambassador to the Trees
Mitch Stein – Bib Verifier and Course Consultant
Mike Paletta – Chief Operations Officer
Kate Paletta - T-shirts and Bib Operations
Irwin Schriro and the Somers Fire Department EMS Crew
Tod O. Reed – Everything Bagels
Alex Sabido – Local Produce Liason
Adrienne Stone – Bibs & T-Shirts
Zhara Jones – Bibs & T-Shirts
Richard Smith – Pied Piper
Wallie Jahn – Sound technician emeritus
Gary Esposito – Course design and tester
Geoff Steadman – Course design and tester
Manny Sanquilly – Head Chef
Lindsay Bradsell – T-Shirt Runner
Carol Gamez – Bibs and T-shirts
Lee Willett – Bibs and T-shirts
Ruth Littman – Bibs and T-shirts
Mark Vincent – Bibs and T-shirts
Brian Stempel – Bibs and T-shirts
Eleanor Hershey – Bibs and T-shirts
Emily Casper – T-shirt Runner
Michelle Cope – T-shirt Runner
Tim Parshall – T-Shirt Artist
Christy Cuomo – Course Consultant
Gerry Sullivan – Course Consultant
Dave Vogel – Signs and Printing
Carol Gordon – Race Day Photographer
David Gordon – Race Day Photographer
Michelle Blum – Race Day Photographer
Emily Fagan – Race Day Photographer
Mark Gordon – Course Triage MD, Photographer
Tom Casper – Race Day Photographer
John Lawrence – Official Hog Caller and Race Starter
John Lawrence and The Leathermen – Bluegrass Entertainment
Henry Kramer – Field Violinist
Christy Leggiero – Race Starter and Polygraph Technician
Sue Moga – Muscoot Farm Director
John Baker & Westchester County Parks Department
Frank Greene – Course Sweep
Muscoot Farm Staff
Farmer’s Market Vendors
Jim Gerweck – Race Timing
Boy Scout Troop # from Bedford – Kids Run The Farm Course Marshalls
Parking maestros
[and more... sorry if we missed anyone.. will fix soon! - Thanks!]

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