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If you want to guarantee there will be a shirt waiting for you it is best to purchase it ahead of time when you register for the race. We place the shirt order a few weeks before race day so if you register close to race day your size option (or your kids size) may not be available.

Why a separate cost for shirts?  Run The Farm, like the Leatherman’s Loop, is completely runner supported with no sponsors.  This way the race is not dependent on sponsors for its continued existence and is totally driven by and for the runners.

The t-shirts are one of a kind and have no ads or logos on them at all.  We may have a limited quantity of shirts available for purchase at the event depending on the how many are pre-ordered. If you would like to wait to decide to purchase the shirt that is OK – but we can’t guarantee we will have your size if you don’t pre-order.

Adult T-Shirts are $23 and are cotton t-shirts. Adult shirts are available in Small, Medium, Large, XL, and 2XL sizes.

Kids T-Shirts are $17 and are cotton t-shirts.  They are available in Youth XS, Youth S, Youth M, Youth L.

Order a shirt when registering for the race to make sure there is one waiting for you at the bib pickup.

Below is the most recent design. (Click here to see all shirt designs from all years.)

2022 design (Cecilia Soprano design)

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