Farm Bucks

As runners cross the finish line of the Kids Run The Farm and the 5 mile race, we will be giving each of them one “Farm Bucks” bill.  The kids will get a $2 Farm Bucks bill and the 5 mile race finishers will get a $5 Farm Bucks bill.

These Farm Bucks can be used like real dollars (on race day) at the Muscoot Farmers Market right near the finish area of the race.  Our intent is to encourage runners to check the farmer’s produce and products, all from farms within 150 miles of Muscoot.

Near the end of the race day farmer’s market we (your Run the Farm organizers) go around to each farm vendor to exchange these farm bucks for real $$ cash (the kind the bank will accept any day).

Note: They are not coupons – they don’t cost the vendors anything since we give them real money in exchange. For example, if you buy something for a price of $4 with a $5 farm buck bill, you should receive $1 in US Dollars change. 

If you happen to buy more than $5 worth at the market, that is wonderful.  If you want to keep the Farm Bucks as a souvenir that is OK too. Note the farmers will only accept the farm bucks on race day because that is the only day we will be there to exchange them for real $$.

We hope you find something you like at the farmer’s market and return other Sundays from May – November when they are at Muscoot.

See you at the Farm!

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