Below are some Frequently Asked Questions about Run The Farm:

Q: When is Run The Farm?

A: Date for this year is Sunday, October 22, 2017.

Past dates include: Oct 23, 2016; Oct 25, 2015; Oct 26, 2014; Oct 27, 2013; Oct 21, 2012; Oct 23, 2011; Oct 24, 2010 (all races are held on Sunday mornings)

Kids races start at 8:30am. 5 mile race starts at 9:30am.

Q: How do I register online?

A: Registration is open for the October 2017 race now. Registration will close a week or so prior to the event.

If you Register at least 4 weeks ahead of time you will get get your name (or your child’s name) on your race bibs. And you can customize the names!

Q: Do you have a course map?

A: Yes – check this page for the 5 miler and this page for the kids races.

Q: What is the kids course?

A: See the kids race description for details. It is a challenging 1.1 mile course for 7-12 year olds and a shorter 0.6 mile course for 6 & under.

Please read through the kids course descriptions before signing your child up. It is not a “sprint” type course.

Also – check the course records for some more context: The fastest any kid has ever run the 1k course is 4 minutes 30 seconds. That was a 6 year old who had experience running the race at 2, 3, 4, and 5 years old. The fastest 2k time is 6:33 and that was set by a 12 year old junior olympian who had run the course 3x before in prior years.

Q: Where is Muscoot Farm?

A: It is on Route 100 in Somers, NY.  Check Directions page for map and directions.

Q: What is the registration cost?

A: Online (advance) registration cost: 5 mile trail run is $40 for advance preregistration. Kids trail run is $20. Keep in mind that we give finishers $5 in “Farm Bucks” when 5 milers cross the finish line ($2 farm bucks for this kids race). Farm Bucks can be used at the Muscoot Farmers market as real cash on race day. Read more about Farm Bucks here.

Shirts are optional and cost is $20 for the high quality cotton t-shirt ($15 for kids shirt). No sponsors – no ads on the shirt – just original Run The Farm artwork unique to the race.

Q: I am entered in the race but can’t attend. Can I get a refund?  Can I transfer my entry to a friend?  Can I defer my entry until next year?

A: No, registration is non-refundable and non-transferable. We do not carry over registrations from year to year.

Unfortunately we do not offer refunds or deferments for the race. We get a number of no-shows and do not have staff to handle all of the potential requests — everyone involved with the race is a volunteer. Our policy is a no refund no exchange one so we don’t have to hire staff to process refund requests which would cause us to raise the entry fees across the board. Nobody wants that.

In essence, we hope you understand our simple approach meets our desire to do four simultaneous things:
• Put on a top quality event;
• Keep the registration fees modest;
• Maximize the efforts of our volunteers toward race-related duties; and
• Raise money to improve the trails and farm.

Q: Where do the proceeds go?

A: Proceeds after expenses are donated to Friends of Muscoot, Art in the Parks, the Trailside Museum at Pound Ridge Reservation, and other charities. ‘

$5 goes to Farm Bucks for each finisher of the 5 Mile race ($2 to the kids race finishers). The Farm Bucks can be spent at the Farmer’s Market after the races on race day. We reimburse the farmers at the end of the Market on Race Day for the $US dollar value of the Farm Bucks they collect. Read more about Farm Bucks here >>

Q: Can I bring a dog with me to the farm and run the course with him/her?

no_dogsA: NO – DOGS are NEVER allowed at Muscoot Farm. Please do not bring dogs to the farm! Muscoot is a working farm and the animals there are spooked by unknown dogs. There may be loose farm animals around that the dogs will chase. Also, dogs not familiar with the farm animals may become excitable and unpredictable with all of the sights, sounds, and smells that are new to them. Please understand that the purpose of the farm is not compatible with your dog.

Please please please leave your dog at home for this event! 

Q: What happens if it is raining/threatening rain? Is there a rain date?

A: No rain date… All races are run rain or shine. The Muscoot farmer’s market is only open through October. Weather is a fact of life and is always a factor with any outdoor event. It makes for an interesting and unique experience if it is pouring rain so please dress (you and your kids) appropriately — and have a change of clothes handy. If it is raining the farmers will appreciate your patronage even more than usual since rain really puts a damper on farmer’s market traffic!

Q: How do I confirm a registration?

A: You should get an email confirmation right away from our registration provider when you register online. If you do not, it could be that you typed your email address incorrectly or the message was trapped in a spam filter (check your spam folder if you have one). If you think you mistyped your email, please contact us right away so we can look into and and get it fixed.

You can also check the registration list page by clicking here. If you can’t find your name and you have a confirmation email and your card has been charged, please contact us. (This should not happen but if it does the sooner we know about it the better!)

If you do not have a confirmation email and your card has not been charged, that means your registration did NOT go through — please try again or contact us. Please don’t wait until race morning to straighten things out! We have much more time to look into things before the hectic race morning.

Q: Do I have to register if I want to run with my young child in the KIDS race?

A: No need to register to accompany your child during the kids run (note: your child should be registered).  Please pick up their race bib for the kids race!. We encourage the younger kids to run with a parent or older sibling as an ‘escort’ to help them out. The course is long enough (0.6 miles) that the younger kids may get winded and have to take a break. In case they want to go solo we will have course marshalls to keep them on the right track.

Note: the older heat for 7-12 year olds shouldn’t need escorts — but if you are more comfortable accompanying them then we ask that you please start towards the back of the group and let your child run ahead. You may catch up to them further on the course (or maybe not!) The course is well marked with course marshalls at each turn so the kids won’t get lost.

Q: Will there be same day registration?

A: Very Limited — Last year we closed online registration a week before the event and encourage you to register early. We did accept a limited number of walk in registrations in last year very early in the day but we may not be able to accommodate walk ins this year. Kids medals nearly ran out last year and we don’t want any kids to go home empty handed! Your best bet is to register online in advance. Same day registration cost is extra so we leave online advance registration open as long as possible.

Q: How much are T-shirts for the event?

A: Adult Cotton T-shirt is $20.  Kids cotton T-shirt is $15.

Q: Why are t-shirts extra?

A: Run The Farm, like the Leatherman’s Loop, is completely runner supported with no sponsors.  The t-shirts are one of a kind and have no ads on them at all.  We will have a limited quantity of shirts available for purchase at the event if you would like to wait to decide to purchase the shirt.

Q: I am entered in the race but did not purchase a t-shirt and I would like to order one before the event, how can I do this?

A: Once you have registered without purchasing a shirt we have no way to add the shirt to your registration. You must pre-order with your registration which guarantees that your shirt and size will be there waiting when you pick up your bib.

We do order extras — so if you arrive early you will likely be able to purchase a shirt. No guarantees on size unless you have ordered with your registration though.

Q: Can I wear headphones in the race?

A: No — it is a safety issue. The trails get narrow and you need to be able to hear other runners around you in order to not be a trail hazard. Please leave the headphones behind on race day.

Q: Why do you list Muscoot Farm as being in Somers and Katonah?  Which one is it?

A: It is located in Somers but has a Katonah mailing address. It is in the Somers Fire District and we are pleased to welcome the Somers Fire Department EMS crew to the event!

Q: How is the race timing done?

A: In the past we have used bibs with tear tags along with a computer timing system. In 2014 we switched to a chip timing system with D-Tags (RFID) on the bibs to make timing more accurate and have results posted faster. This unfortunately adds more cost to the race — but it will help accommodate more runners more efficiently and it will help make the day and the results go even more smoothly.

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