Registration Questions

Link for registration is here:

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Registration is going well — nearly 200 across both races (kids and adult) in the first hour!  EDIT: Up to over 340 as of late afternoon on 8/18… EDIT #2: Over 400 on 8/19.  Lots of interest in this event!  Thanks for your feedback and support!


4 thoughts on “Registration Questions

  1. Deb Ricci

    I signed up 5 people for the Muscoot Farm run and only one of them got a confirmation that she was registered, I didn’t even get a confirmation. How do I find out that it went through? Their names are:
    Deb Ricci
    Brendan Reidy
    Gary Swarni
    Alex Bawot
    Bonnie Roberts – got her confirmation


  2. admin Post author

    Hi Deb, Since one person registered all 5 the confirmation email was sent to just that person. Everyone on your list is registered and all set to go! (I sent you the conf email directly.) See you at the farm. -Rob

  3. Mike Wolf

    I have a question about the number of people that have registered. How can the trails support 500 runners?
    Are there separate start times for age groups?

  4. admin Post author

    Hi Mike – The kids race starts 30 minutes before and will be over before we start the 5 mile race. The first half mile of the 5 mile race start is on farm roads (dirt and gravel) so it is fairly wide. Only after the first half mile does it narrow down to single track trails and the first 0.2 mile of these single track trails are on a meadow. Only after this does the course go into the woods. Since it is a first time event we will be watching closely to see how crowded it gets. Hope you can come! -Rob